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Friday, October 16, 2020

Glebe I.

From Palko we have moved to Glebe Park Residence - an appropriate named complex - in a top floor apartment that has sweeping views over Canberra and when on the balcony Lake Burley Griffin and surrounding National Monuments. Soon after moving in we had a few people over for afternoon tea, where it was commented “oh, you can see the dome of the War Memorial from your lounge”, which I hadn’t fully appreciated until that moment. Now, each evening, while relaxing on the couch I can’t help but appreciate the glow of the lit-up dome in the distance.
The apartment complex sits on the southern point of Glebe Park, bordered by Corranderrk St. (with CIT across the road) to the east, The National Convention Centre Canberra to the south and the Canberra Casio to the west. Completed in 2009, the complex comprises of 184 apartments and four commercial units across four towers, each eight levels high. With a central courtyard complete with a pool, spa and barbecue area.
The detail and thought put into the build are exemplified by both how well it has aged and how accommodating the spaces are to live, a farfetched concept in comparison to many of the new complexes popping up throughout Canberra. The apartments, particularly the bedrooms, are spacious, with floor to ceiling marble style tiling in the bathroom – depending on your views of Hiltonesque bathrooms, you may love or loth – segregated reverse cycle air con and plenty of storage. Oh, and lets not forget the garbage chute. Although that’s not to say the apartment doesn’t come with its faults: carpet throughout, slightly outdated glass cabinetry above stovetop and single glaze windows - mostly only cosmetic.

So far I have enjoyed the extra space (having lost Anthony in the apartment twice already) and it’s hard to believe we once occupied a 4m2 living area.