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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Waiting decor

Earlier today: it’s interesting to note the things one thinks about when sitting in a doctor’s waiting room. Firstly, given that the doctor called another patient at the time of my appointment, who I was to learn was the patient two prior, the concern that an hour parking may not be sufficient. After moving the car, the awful decor then hits front and centre. So awful. So dated. So depressing. I’m not wanting Scandinavian designer furniture with a receptionist standing behind a single laptop positioned on a stand propped up by a single pole, ear-piece in situ, but something beyond what can be found at the ex-government furniture warehouse would be nice. With, perhaps, warming hues and artwork of rolling hills or at least scenes to distract the mind. And yet, here I am, in a room featuring decor representative of what was then never a good look for hotel lobbies circa Sydney 2000. What would help distract from the cream industrial carpet and dark blue rounded club chairs (that are generating flashbacks of dingy nightclubs) would be a magazine or two. There are none, which I guess is a response to Covid-19; definitely no Monocle. There is some sort of feature on the wall, let’s call it a “sculptural artwork” which seems to represent waves, lit in blue LED lights. An interesting choice and doesn’t necessarily scream “specialist rooms”. With that said, the rooms are predominantly those of the Canberra Sleep Clinic, so perhaps they thought it calming? And just now, an older couple, regulars to the cafe, have just walked in and approached reception - where’s that five year old copy of women’s weekly to hide behind when you need it?