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Monday, August 23, 2021

Day 11

Tucked away in my digital wallet are two tickets to Canada’s Wonderland, which I come across from time to time when I accidentally open the wallet. These tickets were a gift to Anthony when we travelled through Canada, followed by a week in New York City, in 2013. As part of the gift I was responsible for getting us up and organised for the day - pack a bag, get breakfast, organise transport - though much to my dismay, I had selected the incorrect alarm, resulting in a mistake I’ll never live down as “we missed out on time for more rides”. While at the park we purchased this Snoopy drink bottle which allowed us free refills throughout the day. On one ride we were lucky enough to knab the front seats, where we sat with our legs tucked in the front dome of the roller coaster. We had the option to secure our belongings in the dedicated lockers, though we decided they were safe between our legs and within the shell: me with Snoopy and Anthony our day bag. That lasted until we hit the second bend of the track when Snoopy suddenly went flying around the capsule, as I called out “Snoopy!” - thankfully it was either empty or quite a secure bottle. We placed our items in the lockers thereafter. Arriving home that day I decided to keep Snoopy with the idea of gifting it to a nephew and so it travelled with us for the next few weeks. When we departed NYC my luggage was full, so Anthony offered to put Snoopy in his suitcase. Heading down the subway at Time Square, an NYPD officer with white gloves pointed to Anthony and directed him to a corner, where four other officers stood around a trestle table. I tried to follow, though was told quite abruptly to stay put. I watched on, as the officers placed the suitcase on the table and asked a few questions; rummaging through the suitcase one officer uncovered the drink bottle and turned to Anthony: “What’s this?” - “It’s Snoopy?” After finding no explosives we were free to go. Unfortunately, Snoopy didn’t survive the trip home: the straw punctured through the base. I held onto it for a while, though I eventually decided to throw it out, capturing this photo before we said our goodbyes.