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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Day 2


Each case-zero throughout this pandemic has certainly had to ride a media frenzy, watching-on as people decipher and judge their tracked and publicly released movements (remember BBQ gentlemen in Sydney?). In Canberra the dot points were quickly linked and a profile of case-zero summed up to ‘a male Christian islander’ who worked as a ‘bouncer’. This story evolved to him being a drug dealer and having caught the virus while doing a run for supplies (illegally, on both fronts) in Sydney. As a result case-zero, who’s name is Cedric Nyamsi, felt compelled to approach the media on his own accord to tell his story, provide the missing information between the published set of location ‘check-ins’ and have these myths debunked. Cedric is a Commonwealth Games wrestler, an apprentice builder and moonlights as a bouncer at Fiction Nightclub. Like everyone else, he has shopping requirements and enjoys a Sunday afternoon beverage. The debunking of case-zero being a drug dealer has developed a new theory currently doing the social media rounds, linking both Cedric and an unlinked 14 year old high school student of Gold Creek High School, where apparently construction work has been conducted, to an unknown construction contractor or supplier from Sydney. Reading over these rumours, commentaries and theories, I couldn’t help but imagine what wild accusations people may have concluded given my own movements during the same period:

2.30pm - Coffee Guru, Gungahlin

9.30am to 1pm - National Portrait Gallery
1.30pm to 1.45pm - Commonwealth Bank, Canberra City
2pm to 2.30pm - Men’s Biz
2.40pm to 3pm - Langley Eyecare
3.15pm to 4pm - National Portrait Gallery
4pm to 4.15pm - Capital Chemist, Kingston
4pm to 5.45pm - Caribou, Kingston

8.30am to 4.30pm - National Portrait Gallery

1pm to 1.30pm - Eyecandy, Braddon
2pm to 2.15pm - Coles, Canberra Centre
6pm to 6.30pm - Coles, Canberra Centre

I guess it could be deduced that I was either an art lover or that I worked at the Portrait Gallery, forgetful, in search of new glasses - possibly vain? - and lived a mildly dull life. Luckily, it wasn’t a snapshot of a busy week