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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Day 23, Pidgey update.

It is with great sadness and concern that I report Pidgey has moved on. When I returned home yesterday afternoon she was no longer on the balcony. I say ‘she’ as we were able to verify the sex of Pidgey after the arrival of a male pigeon (pictured), who pranced about trying to attract Pidgey’s attention. She was having none of it, having hopped onto an empty pot for safety and not coming down until the male pigeon lost interest and flew away. After noticing her missing, I immediately went for a walk around the apartment complex just in case she had tried to fly off the balcony and didn’t get far, to no avail. Later on, Anthony located her on the roofline a floor below us, which joins the two towers of our complex, and soon after she took up residence on the adjoining balcony below and opposite. We thought about trying to pass on a message, including the details we had researched for a sanctuary (no mean feat, given most wildlife sanctuaries only take native animals), though due to the complicated numbering system of our complex we have no way of knowing what apartment number she’s taken up residence. (I did think about a paper aeroplane this morning, but the current rain placed doubt on my abilities.) When I last looked out she was nowhere to be seen, hopefully having just taken shelter from the current rain, but I can’t help feeling we won’t see her again. Pidgey was certainly more active these last two days and able to spread her injured wing, providing some hope, though I do have concerns for her well-being. I guess now I have to simply let nature run its course.