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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Day 38

Even while not working, the weekend still seems to hold a distinct feeling of tranquility that calls for activities of relaxation and enjoyment. Beyond watching the 2015 concert of ‘Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’ with Bryn Terfel and Emma Thompson (having hummed the tune of ‘Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir’ all week as a result of my recent research), I’ve done absolutely nothing. C'est la vie. Day 38 though does fall on the birthday of @missmagsy and today I found myself reminiscing of the last time we celebrated such an occasion; it seems slightly incomprehensible that it was two years ago, back in 2019. That celebration took place in the courtyard of the ‘pink pub’ of Braidwood. According to the locals, including the publican, it is the ‘better pub’ of two in Braidwood: a pink two story building positioned on the main road, with wooden floors and pokey rooms, centered around the bar. To get to the courtyard we first had to learn how to open the rickety back door, descend the small, yet steep stairs, before hopping down into the slight cavity of the pergola area – a task that got more difficult with each passing beverage – it was here that family and friends gathered and enjoyed a meal, listened to some live music - including a few songs from the birthday girl - and hovered around portable outdoor heaters. The meal outweighed any preconceived expectations one had on a country pub meal; we afterwards found out that the catering was not by the pub, though a stand-alone catering company that provides the food service on Friday and Saturday evenings. This became apparent when it came time to pay: one simply popped to the doorway of the kitchen, announced what they consumed and handed over cash. A very trustworthy and classic country method. Sadly (though probably fortunately), the night turned a little too cold for my liking to continue celebrating and to join the ‘afterparty’ around a bonfire, though I'm under the impression that the party continued and Aunt Mags had a fabulous time. Mags: despite lockdowns et al, I hope you have had a wonderful, dance-filled, champagne popping, virtually loved, celebration today!