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Friday, October 8, 2021

Day 57

Over the last decade I’ve taken a bit of a sideline approach towards the property market, though have always held a general interest in the design side of things, particularly with new builds; if there is one thing that irritates me in this world it’s poor and stupid design. Something that seems more common than not in modern houses, as developers try to squeeze every penny out of a build, particularly apartment developments. Over the last decade I’ve been in so many new builds and experienced uncountable stupid mistakes, all of which could have been simply rectified if thought had been undertaken in the design process, for example the inability to open the fridge door without hitting a cupboard or unable to put anything other than a Queen bed (and that’s substituting bedside tables for probably just a floor lamp) in the main bedroom. Though this east facing “two bedroom” apartment by one of Canberra’s (hideous) larger developers takes the cake, and it can be yours for just a mere $589k. There are a few immediate issues: (1) the concept of trying to fit a two bedroom apartment into a 60-odd metres square space is unfathomable, let alone unliveable; (2) under such restraints, a second bathroom was certainly a poor use of space and unnecessary; (3) the second bedroom can’t really be classified as a bedroom - it has no outside window - resulting in a glass door, which ruins any sense of privacy or noise protection from the living space; (4) living room has no space for a television or, if the architect was going for something more peaceful, a second chair at least to create a conversational area; (5) the living space isn’t wide enough to have the couch in any other direction - I hope you enjoy watching the dirty dishes; (6) it’s a slim line east facing apartment, there will be no sunshine after 10am in winter and a complete oven in summer; (7) I would be concerned about the ventilation in the bathroom off the entryway, the laundry and the second bedroom; (8) the placement of the air conditioning unit on the already small balcony; (9) that both bathrooms are simply off the living area - one of them isn’t even an ensuite; (10) lack of storage.