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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Day 63, finale.

Today the news ticker - a term I was unaware existed until now; derived from the ticker tape, a continuous piece of paper, that had stock quotes printed on it before the advancement of technology in the 1960s - on ABC News24 read “ACT lockdown to lift at midnight tonight, limited restrictions to remain”. It only seems appropriate that with the end of lockdown comes the end of these daily posts. A process that I have thoroughly enjoyed and has helped me get through the days. Throughout these last nine weeks I’ve often been asked “how are you coping?” (and a big thank you to everyone who has checked in) to which my honest answer is that I’ve quite enjoyed lockdown. It’s not often in the middle of life that one gets a large chunk of time to take a step back, breath, and enjoy a quieter pace. I worked throughout the lockdown last year, so this time around it was nice to immerse myself in what I came to term ‘a government funded sabbatical’. There have been many positives that have emerged with lockdowns: less traffic on the roads, the increase of wildlife, the reconnection with simpler forms of enjoyment like puzzles or board games, and the reconnection with green spaces, to name a few. Of course that’s not to disregard the difficult time that many people have been through - losing loved ones, struggling financially, enduring all facets of child bearing, mental health, juggling work-life balance, &c. Though as we emerge out of lockdown and begin “living with Covid-19” I hope that some of these positives find a permanent place in our lives. Besides these daily posts, there is one other thing that has certainly helped get me through: tea. Close to 1.3 kilograms in fact.

Until next time, stay safe, mask up and be kind.

Big hug, MR