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Friday, July 28, 2023

RODD Silverplate

Yesterday I was gifted a set of Rodd silver-plated spoons and forks from my parents. Once owned by my late Grandmother, they were found in the back of the cupboard while cleaning out her place. Slightly tarnished a quick 'bicarb and foil' soak have seen them come out a treat.

G&E Rodd Pty Ltd was a jewellery manufacture founded in Melbourne, Victoria in 1919 by two brothers, Ernest and George Rodd and in the 1930s they diversified into manufacturing tableware — knives, forks and spoons, including souvenir spoons. After the sudden death of Ernest and his wife Muriel in 1948, their son Max took over G&E Rodd. In 1949 the company was amalgamated with Platers Pty Ltd (manufacturers of Hecworth plate) and publicly listed. Rodd Silverware quickly became a household name and if you were married in the 1960s you would almost certainly have received one or more sets of Rodd Silverware as a wedding present. Having become fashionable in 1961 after a set of Rodd Australian gold Jasmine spoons and forks were commissioned as a wedding present from Australia to the Duke and Duchess of York. In the late 1960s the company amalgamated with Myttons Ltd, forming Mytton Rodd (Australia) Ltd. Production ceased in 1991.