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Monday, September 6, 2021

Day 25a, Pidgey Update.

Remarkably Pidgey has made her way back to our balcony and is currently perched on the rail, settled in for the evening. This morning while getting ready for my daily walk a pigeon walked up the glass door and started to walk back and forth along the door, a behaviour that Pidgey used to do when she noticed one of us in the room. On closer inspection, I was stunned to recognise Pidgey and immediately put some freshwater and seed out - which was devoured in minutes. After my walk I spent some time watching Pidgey: it seems that she has regained use of her wing and is certainly much more lively. I still don’t have confidence in her ability to fly, though she must have some capacity to have been able to get back up onto our balcony. The male pigeon also returned, doing his usual song and dance routine that Pidgey still wasn’t having any of, continuously running away. On notifying Anthony of her return we both made the same comment: maybe we now have our own homing pigeon.