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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Day 26

Writing about WWI yesterday reminded me of the time I visited Tyne Cot Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery and Memorial with @giverny_jayne. We were staying in Brugge for a few days and decided on a day trip, taking the bus for the 50km journey out in the countryside to Tyne Cot. Jumping on the bus we successfully purchased our fare using our poor French and the driver was nice enough to inform us when to get off and pointed us in the right direction. After paying our respects we headed back to the bus stop. That’s when we realised, with horror, that all we had between us was two €50 notes - a difficult denomination, we learnt, to use in Belgium at the best of times. Slightly panicked, we searched around the countryside seeking out somewhere we could purchase anything to break a note, it was deserted. As our last resort, we decided to try our luck with the €50 on the bus. When it arrived, we tried to explain the situation to the driver who simply looked at us and motioned to see our previous tickets, then nodded his head to get on. At first we thought the driver felt sorry, but after some calculations of the original fare price we realised we had in fact purchased return tickets.

Lest we forget.